Integrated Report Sustainability 2022
Integrated Report Sustainability 2022

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Safety, health and well-being

At Sacyr, we have adopted the concept of Integrated Safety and, accordingly, we have a Health and Safety in the Workplace Policy which was reviewed in 2022 and is aimed at improving working conditions and the levels of protection, safety and health of our employees.

We focus on reducing accidents throughout our value chain

1. Occupational Health and Safety Management System

At Sacyr we are implementing occupational health and safety management systems certified to ISO 45001, the leading international benchmark for occupational health and safety.

The internal requirements arising from this System exceed those legally stipulated in the countries in which the company is present, and from the activities performed. A Health and Safety Department with more than 382 health and safety professionals has therefore been put into place for the management and continuous improvement of the System through the processes of monitoring and control, internal audit, management review or change management.

Thanks to the involvement and commitment of senior management and the active engagement of employees, suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies, Sacyr manages to reinforce the safety culture needed to provide healthy and safe working conditions in our business. This is evidenced by the downward trend in accident rates over the past few years.

¬ Approval and management of contractors. Creation of critical risk standards and internal audits on those standards in key projects. Monitoring of serious or potentially serious incidents. Oversight of senior management’s leadership activities. Development of specific KPIs for the components of the Plan. Specific training programs for senior executives, managers and supervisors. Accordingly, Sacyr has implemented an action plan to reduce and control serious and fatal incidents called “0 Tolerance”, rolled out in 2022 and consisting of:

2. Occupational health services

At Sacyr we ensure the health protection of our employees by hiring competent professionals with widely-acknowledged qualifications and accreditations that comply with the legal requirements and relevant standards/guidelines, eliminating those occupational risks that may worsen their state of health and, if this is not possible, adapting their post.

In 2022, 308,515 workers received a total of 684,838 occupational health and safety training hours

3. Objectives met and recognitions received

  • Certification to ISO 45001 standard at the aforementioned companies (11 more than in 2021).
  • Development of the SMART software as an Occupational Health and Safety Management tool, developing new functionalities and adapting the software to the new OHSMS.
  • Ongoing implementation of a preliminary contractor approval and assessment system (Procur@ and Agor@).
  • Sacyr Health Program. A program implementing activities that promote the wellbeing of employees within the company, covering a range of areas such as sports, food and emotional wellbeing.
  • Increase in the number of countries with “Safety Monitors” program in cooperation with the third-sector entities and other organizations working on key issues.
  • Identification of the main reportability KPIs.
  • Reduction of the accident frequency rate.
  • Launch of critical point auditing.
  • Increase the number of senior management leadership visits.
  • Awarded first prize by Asepeyo for best management practices in prevention for our Safety Monitors project.
  • Included in the TOP 21 Human Digital Health index of best companies in terms of corporate well-being and emotional health.
  • Finalist in Forbes Innovation Awards in the Disruptive Technology category with the SoTER IoT project.
  • Finalist in the Premios Prevencionar awards in the Road Safety category with the Sacyr Smart Ways project.
  • ISO 39.001:2015 Road Safety Management Systems Certification of 7 new concessionaire companies.
  • Awarded First Prize in “Fifth edition of Occupational Risk Prevention Recognitions and Distinctions” of the Madrid Region in 2022.


  • Maintain the company's position in this field, through compliance and certification standards.
  • Adapt our occupational health and safety management system and procedures in accordance with a gender perspective.
  • Globalize and reinforce reporting processes.
  • Develop internal and external communication plans that foster coordination between departments.
  • Identify more and better KPIs that improve the control and measurement of our critical points.
  • Continue to cooperate with third-sector entities and other organizations working on key issues.
  • Guarantee confidentiality in the management of individual health data.
  • Improve the company’s health and safety culture through:
    • Monthly health and safety campaigns on various topics.
    • Reward program for the contract with the best preventive culture.
    • Reward program for the individual with the best preventive culture.
  • Continue implementing the Sacyr Health Program, adapting its contents and initiatives to our employees’ needs.
  • Implement further editions of the Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program and new programs such as support for quitting smoking.
  • Conduct annual training and awareness plans and the nurture a health and safety culture (all employees).
  • Implement global health and well-being plans linked to SDG 3, including specific targets.
  • Be involved in initiatives and support from tools that show commitment and progress in the field.
  • Improve the value chain by integrating safety in all company processes (design, offer, execution, and conservation and operation).
  • Design strategies aimed at improving road safety.
  • Measure the social impact of safety projects.
  • A 10% increase in the number of companies certified in our Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
  • Recognition by a prestigious external body of the Sacyr Health Plan.
  • Measure the social impact of health and well-being projects.
  • Leadership in the value chain, by promoting health programs at our collaborators, through their participation in Sacyr Health initiatives.
  • Achieve a 0 incident rate, prioritizing eliminating serious and fatal accidents.



At Sacyr, as part of our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, we define digitalization as a key aspect for developing business processes and their underpinning information systems

In September 2022, we updated the Information Security Policy, which applies to every business line. This update covers other dimensions within the Information Security Management System, with a view to guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and traceability of information, protecting data and information systems against unauthorized access, sharing and modifications.

Our cybersecurity function is aligned with international best practices and standards, such as the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework.

In this regard, we have obtained:

  • Certification to ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard, accredited annually by AENOR, in accordance with UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2014, which contributes to promoting data protection activities, generating trust in respect of third parties.
  • Biannual certification in the Spanish National Security Scheme (ENS), created and promoted by the Spanish National Cryptology Center (CCN), which seeks to protect the privacy of citizens' data stored within Sacyr's information systems when they carry out electronic procedures.


Diversity, equity and inclusion

This commitment is enshrined in our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy, with the main objective of promoting the creation of multidisciplinary, transversal and inclusive teams, ensuring equal opportunities and professional development for everyone working at Sacyr, and taking into account what each person needs.

Gender Diversity: an inclusive approach to sexual diversity and gender identities

Functional Diversity: inclusion of people with disabilities

Social and Cultural Diversity: coexistence of different cultures and inclusion of groups at risk of social exclusion

Generational Diversity: convergence of people of different ages and skills

People with disabilities

Average age

Diversity training hours


Balanced presence

57% men
43% women

Prevention and action protocol



Specific harassment complaint line

1. Gender diversity

At Sacyr, the participation of the different genders is balanced. To ensure that this is true across all our areas, we work to promote the incorporation of the most underrepresented gender in those positions where this situation might arise.

In Spain, over the course of 2022 we have negotiated and signed new Equality Plans

Our commitment to gender equality is reflected by our inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index

Bloomberg Gender-Equiality Index 2023

9th Edition of Sacyr Powerful Women
Fundación ASTI’s STEM Talent Girl program

ISO 30415

Humanresources management – Diversity and inclusion

Equipares Badge


2. People with disabilities

We encourage the recruitment and inclusion at work of people with disabilities, nurturing their comprehensive development, autonomy and independence, and promoting equal treatment and opportunities in compliance with local accessibility laws.

Milestone progress was achieved in 2022 in the recruitment of this community in the various home-market countries. To achieve it, we forged new strategic partnerships that reinforce Sacyr's commitment to inclusion.

People with disabilities​
0 %

This year, Fundación Prodis named us “Empresa Inclusiva 2022” for our commitment to people with intellectual disabilities.

3. Cultural and social diversity

We nurture multiculturality as a source of knowledge and talent in our teams.

We also ensure the inclusion of other minorities or groups at risk of social exclusion with the help of collaborating entities such as Fundación Integra, CESAL’s Incorpora program, Fundación La Caixa, the Red Cross and Hogar Sí.

We are
present in

countries worldwide
+ 0
Our workforce comprises more than 90 nationalities; we are present in 23 countries worldwide; 34% of our workforce is outside Spain; and more than 3,400 of our people live and work in countries other than that of their nationality.

4. Generational diversity

Our goal is to help different generations work and live together, ensuring that their talents and their different paths are properly managed and harnessed.


aged 50 years or over 38% under 30 years 12% under 50 years 50%


Professional development

Our workforce is made up of the very best talent, to whom we offer secure and attractive employment, excellent opportunities for development and training, all based on a human resources policy focused on the long term. This is possible by achievement work-life balance.

+ 0
0 %

(24% in leadership positions)

Training hours
Internal movility
+ 0 %
Conciliation measures adopted
+ 0

Km 0 Digital Onboarding program

of new employees
0 %

say they are satisfied by joining sacyr

0 %*

are covered by collective bargaining agreements

*employees in Spain

1. Talent Acquisition and Management

To optimize Internal Talent Management, the company implements, among other processes, Management by Objectives and Performance Management. In the case of Management by Objectives, it is worth noting that 100% of the Group's professionals taking part have the following objectives, predefined with their respective weights:

  • Talent: Active involvement in your team’s and your own development, avoiding talent drain (training, internal mobility, transversal collaboration, etc.), promoting diversity and helping to attract external talent: 10.00%.
  • Sustainability: Knowing, promoting and contributing individually to the fulfillment of the objectives of the 2021-2025 Sacyr Sustainable Action Plan, as well as compliance with the Code of Conduct and its implementing policies: 7.50%.
  • Innovation: Submitting two proposals for improvement within your sphere of responsibility: 2.50%.

2. Promoting work-life balance

We have implemented a series of actions, policies and procedures to enable our people to balance their family and personal lives while developing their professional careers:
  • Sacyr Concilia
    • Día Sin Cole (DSC!)
    • Designing the work calendar to match the school calendar:
    • Facilitating child care options.
  • The Framework Policy Governing Working Hours
  • Flex-Working Policy
  • Guide to Work-Life Balance Measures
  • Digital Disconnection Procedure

3. Employee benefits

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance in case of death or disability
  • Office sports club
  • Wellness applications
  • Physiotherapist in some offices
  • Canteens with healthy food
  • Flexible remuneration in Spain for eligible employees in accordance with the legislation.
    • Health insurance, meal vouchers, transit cards, childcare vouchers, job-related training, retirement savings insurance, car leasing and shares in Sacyr
  • Employee discounts
  • Social benefit plan through various retirement savings schemes
  • Career plans
  • Free or co-funded training
  • Collaborative work and good working environment
  • Internal and international mobility (competitive expat policies)

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