Integrated Sustainability report 2020

Integrated Sustainability report 2020

Trabajos de reforestación por parte de voluntarios, en Pasto, Nariño. Colombia

Sacyr helps to generate sustainable value in the communities in which we operate by carrying out our activities and promoting sustainable initiatives.


We want to help to creating the society of the future with care of local communities

We focus our efforts on maintaining the best relationships with the different social players: infrastructure users, communities in the area of influence of our projects, municipal authorities and educational institutions, among others.


SACYR 2025 SUSTAINABLE PLAN, our Sustainability Action Plan for 2021 – 2025 enables us to lay the bases and objectives so that on the road to 2025 we consolidate ourselves as one of the reference points in the area of sustainability and in the generation of social wealth.

Areas of action





areas of

  1. Climate Change
  2. Circular economy
  3. Natural Capital
  4. Sustainable Cities

  1. Safety
  2. Good Health and Well-being
  3. Diversity and Equality
  4. Professional Development

  1. Social Contribution
  2. Sacyr Footprint
  3. Stakeholders

  1. Purpose and Values
  2. Governing Bodies
  3. Innovation
  4. ESG Risk Management
  5. Regulatory
  6. Sustainable Investment
  7. Transparency
S Short-term action
M Medium-term action
L Long-term action


The Sacyr Foundation, set up in 2008, enables Sacyr to maximise the impact of the company’s social initiatives for its beneficiaries and to contribute more effectively to the well-being and development of the communities in which it conducts its activities.

Among the agreements and partnerships in the year we must highlight:

Total financing of the digitalization project of the headquarters and promotion of personal autonomy of the Inclusive Foundation.

Holding of different Food Collection Campaigns in which more than 8,000kg have been donated to the Food Bank.

Celebration of collection and donation of gifts for children and minors in situations of vulnerability or poverty.

Collaboration with ALEPH-TEA for the donation of a PRM adapted vehicle for personal autonomy projects for users with ASD.

Collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross to finance programs against unwanted loneliness in elderly people, social and labor integration of people at risk of exclusion and aid to hospitalized children.

Acquisition and donation of sanitary material during the pandemic.

Collaboration with the Spanish Association Against Cancer for the Breast Cancer Campaign to raise awareness and prevent the disease, accompanied by a financial donation for cancer research.

Collaboration with the Madrid Down's Syndrome Foundation to finance an emotional, psychological and physical stimulation project for the users most affected by lockdown.

In 2020, the most significant activities and initiatives under the umbrella of the Sacyr Foundation were as follows:

Collaboration with EDUCO for the financing of lunchroom scholarship funds and programs to reduce the digital divide in education

Collaboration with the Luzón Foundation in a charity concert performed by Ainhoa Arteta funds for research against ALS.

Collaboration with the Gil Gayarre Foundation to build a multidisciplinary module-room to carry out sensorial and psychomotor stimulation projects for users

Financing of the Extraordinary Aid Fund of the Aladina Foundation, aimed to help to cover the costs of adapting oncological treatment to the homes of minors

Collaboration with the Exit Foundation to finance programmes to combat early school leaving and the promotion of such programmes as employee volunteer days

Collaboration with the Social Aid Hands Association in the acquisition of nonperishable food pallets for the Social Lunch Hall managed in Vallecas, together with the delivery of 200 daily menus, prepared by Deliquo between July and October

Financing of the purchase of health material and tests for users with intellectual disabilities in the residences of Plena Inclusión Spain.

Collaboration with the Tomillo Foundation for the total financing of the digitalisation process of its headquarters to combat the educational digital divide of its beneficiaries.

Collaboration with the Mums in Action Association to finance its “HealthyCure” Programme, aimed at accompanying hospitalised minors that have been abandoned or orphaned

Collaboration with the Spanish Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome Association to finance the publication of children's stories to raise awareness of the disease.

Financing the planting of a corporate forest in the Amazonian regions of Colombia, in order to offset the carbon footprint and promote the economic and social development of indigenous communities

Collaboration with Aldeas Infantiles SOS Chile to finance the educational programme “School in your Village” in the 11 villages that extend throughout the country to provide pedagogical support and aid for a successful school reintegration following the end of the pandemic. Also, a significant donation of sanitary and personal protection equipment was also made to all villages

Collaboration with the NGO Ayuda en Acción for the development of programs in Mexico, Colombia and Peru aimed at combating the social and health consequences of the pandemic. Programs to deliver hygienic-sanitary kits, food, water sanitation; educational intervention programs to reduce the digital divide; programs to combat the increase in gender and domestic violence caused by confinement; programs to combat unwanted loneliness, etc.

As part of Sacyr's commitment to the sustainable development of the Communities in which the Group is present, we are implementing initiatives to generate social value tied to the Group's own economic activity.

Kits alimentos. Concesionaria Vial Sierra Norte. Perú.
Donation agreement between Concesionaria Vial Sierra Norte and Fundación Ayuda en Acción to donate 400 food kits to two areas of influence of the Concession.
Donation of 400 Christmas kits among food and toys for children in the catchment area of the projects in Áncash, Quellaveco and Mollendo.
Canastas de alimentos Mollendo. Perú.
Through the SIF Mollendo project, Sacyr donated 150 food hampers to members of the Civil Construction trade union in the province of Islay, benefitting 1500 people.
Donation of 18 computers recovered from completed projects for the schools of influence of the Mollendo and Chiclayo projects..
Canastas de alimentos. Mollendo, Perú.
Financial donation for the purchase of mechanical ventilators for the Ministry of Healththrough a contribution to the Emergency Fund of the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (CONFIEP), through the Association for the Promotion of National Infrastructure (AFIN).

Through the SIF Mollendo project, Sacyr donated 10 oximeters to the Provincial Municipality of Islay to add to the medical campaign against COVID-19.

Donation of alcohol gel, surgical masks, liquid soap and paper towels to more than 70 community leaders in Cajamarca, belonging to the area of influence of the Longitudinal de la Sierra Highway, Section 2 project.

The agreement with the Help in Action Foundation to improve educational quality at the El Salado path, of El Carmen de Bolívar, executed through Concesionaria Vial Montes de María, in its Puerta de Hierro project. The infrastructure of an Educational Institution was improved, tablets loaded with educational material were donated and days were held to stimulate reading.

Construcción de un parque infantil en Llanos de San Juan, Antioquia. Colombia.

Through the Devimar Concession a children's park was rebuilt and painted, which benefitted 70 students from the Francisco Herrera Campuzano School in Vereda Llanos de San Juan, Antioquia.

The #TogetherForLife alliance, together with another 10 companies, for the donation of a Field Hospital in the city of Bucaramanga, at which patients affected by COVID-19 suffering from slight complications are attended to, has 30 beds and medical supplies required to exclusively provide basic care.
Through Concession projects in Colombia (Montes de María, Devimar, Unión del Sur, Unión Vial Río Pamplonita) and the Sacyr Servicios project (Clean Area), over 7,000 packages of food aid were donated to communities and collaborators in position of vulnerability and affected by the pandemic.
Through the Devimar Concession the Los Almendros Schoolwas built in the municipality of Sopetrán, Antioquia, which benefitted 70 children in the area. The school has 5 classrooms, a dining room, kitchen, storage cellar, administrative area, systems room, library, sports area with its respective micro-football, basketball and volleyball fields, sanitary facilities and staff.
Donation of 7,253 biosecurity items (alcoholic gel, surgical masks, anti-bacterial soap, gloves, anti-fluid suits) to hospitals and community councils of the catchment areas of the Concession projects (Devimar, Unión del Sur, Unión Vial Río Pamplonita) and Sacyr Servicios (Clean Area) project.
Through the Unión del Sur concessionaire, as part of its Rumichaca-Pasto project 2,950 trees were donated and a volunteer programme was implemented with the community to sew plants.

Our colleagues in the construction works for the new Alto Hospicio hospital, run by Sacyr, made a contribution so that the children in the areas surrounding the construction had a happy Christmas.

The activities included the handing out of sweets and gifts for the children, together with food parcels for the homeless

Donación de cajas de alimentos. Peumo. Ayuda Covid.
SOS Aldeas Infantiles Chile to ensure that the children of its 11 centres throughout the country received Christmas presents.

Donation of 240 boxes to the commune of Peumo, in the region of O’Higgins (Chile), containing food and personal hygiene kits for 120 families in the area..

Peumo is one of the seven communes through which the new Ruta de la Fruta will pass, the concession and construction of which was awarded to Sacyr in 2019.
de la Fruta, concesión y construcción a cargo de Sacyr adjudicada el 2019.

As part of its 2020 Christmas celebrations, Sacyr Concesiones Agua in Chile made different donations to homes for elderly adults of the Colina and Lampa communes, both in the Metropolitana region.

Within the framework of the health emergency as a result of COVID-19, we collaborate with the SOS Aldeas Infantiles Chile Foundation to implement the “School in your village” programme, which provides pedagogical support to children and young people to ensure a successful return to the classroom following the end of the pandemic.

This collaboration, through the Sacyr Foundation, also included the delivery of Personal Protection kits in different cities of Chile, in which Sacyr and SOS Aldeas Infantiles International are present.

Colaboramos con la Fundación Aldeas Infantiles en Chile en el desarrollo del programa “Escuela en tu aldea”, que da apoyo pedagógico a niños, niñas y jóvenes.
A programme was created to favour school continuity for primary, secondary and high school children in Tláhuac, through school grants, together with individual attention.
Ayuda en Acción México
Support was provided to thirty youngsters from the CDMX , aged between 18- 25, which received formal education in their Nursing degree from Marillac University, including private and theory lessons.

Sacyr and Ayuda en Acción Mexico joined forces to buy and deliver food and personal hygiene kits for the Singuilucan community, in the state of Hidalgo. The objective of this donation is to support the most vulnerable members of the community with food aid, which covers basic needs, and to promote hygiene and care habits for the fight against COVID-19..

The communities supported were: La Gloria, La Lagunita, Las Palomas, Matías Rodríguez, Aguayutla, Tecoaco and Jalapilla, located in the state of Hidalgo.


At Sacyr we base our management on excellence, responding to the needs of our stakeholders, contributing value to society and seeking economic and environmental sustainability.

Shareholders, Analysts and Investors

Personal assistance: Sacyr's Investor Relations Department provides minority shareholders, financial analysts and investors with a number of direct and personalised contact channels:

The Sacyr Life application had been implemented within our commitment to provide daily and transparent communication to all our stakeholders. This tool, is another of our windows when communicating everything with regard to international concessions, infrastructures and services, and acts as reinforcement in a time of expansion throughout the whole world.

The app is principally aimed at the more than 40,000 professionals that work at Sacyr, but it is open to anyone who is interested in the firm, who wants to download it and discover the latest about the company.

In Sacyr Life, the user can navigate using a menu which groups together the main areas of the app: Sustainability, People, Wellbeing at Work, News and Innovation.

Furthermore, we are present in the main social networks to maintain contact with our different audiences.

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.


Corporate volunteering club

In 2019, as part of the Sacyr Foundation, the Corporate Volunteer Club was formed which, in 2020, took part in different social and environmental projects, aided by over 600 volunteers throughout the world.

Participation in the volunteering week of Forética (of which we are partners), called Give and Gain.

Breast cancer study support day

Food Collection Campaigns in which more than 8,000kg have been donated to Food Banks.

Volunteer Day with Asociación Reforesta for the reforestation of the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares Regional Park.

Corporate volunteer plan
+ 100

indirect beneficiaries

Donation of gifts for children and minors in situations of vulnerability or poverty.

Support for early childhood education in Corregimiento El Salado, Colombia, through the delivery of 63 tablets.

Volunteer Day for tree planting in Pasto Nariño, Colombia

Donation of more than 2,000 menus to people at risk of social exclusion.

Training sessions on biosafety protocols to support the economic reactivation of 60 restaurants in Pasto, Colombia.

Donation of toys to Asociación Nazaret children

Contribution to the 2030 Agenda

Click on the objectives to learn more

  • Donation of gifts to children hospitalized at the Infanta Cristina Hospital in Parla and the Henares Hospital in Coslada. Spain.
  • Donation of gifts to Juventudes Hospitalarias of Parla. Spain.
  • Donation of gifts to children in situations of exclusion at Asociación Nazaret, Madrid. Spain.
  • Collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross to promote programs against social exclusion. Spain.
  • CAFESTORE. Preparation of more than 2,000 daily menus for three months, which were donated to a soup kitchen. Spain.
  • Food Collection Campaign with the Food Bank. +8,000kg in 2020.Spain.
  • Donation of food kits in the most disadvantaged areas of Peru, Mexico and Colombia, through the NGO Ayuda en Acción.
  • EDUCO School Lunch Grants Funding. Spain.
  • Donation of medical supply to the Madrid City Council and to residences of Plena Inclusion Spain with intellectual disabilities people.
  • Donation to the AECC for cancer research. And dissemination of talks and awareness-raising days for the prevention of breast cancer. Spain.
  • Protocol Certification of Sacyr Facilities, S.A. (and subsidiaries) with regard to COVID-19 infections and to manage work centres included in this scenario. Spain.
  • Collaboration with AESRT to publish a children’s story to raise awareness of the disease and help raise funds for the association. Spain.
  • STEM education days for students aged 16-25 years old. Spain.
  • Collaboration with EXIT Foundation to promote mentoring with minors and prevent them from dropping out of school. Spain.
  • Collaboration with Aldeas Infantiles SOS Chile, in the “School in your Village” program, for post-pandemic school reintegration.
  • Organisation of training sessions on biosecurity protocols to support the economic reactivation of 60 restaurants in Pasto, Colombia.
  • Approval in July 2020 by the Board of Directors of the Diversity and Inclusion Corporate Policy, which sets our strategy at a global level.
  • Corporate Protocol for prevention and action in cases of harassment and discriminatory acts.
  • Specific committee for the prevention of harassment, with members trained in the management of procedures derived from the protocol.
  • We monitor the salary gap between men and women, which does not exceed 6% in any of our professional categories.
  • We have an equal presence of men and women in our workforce. 42% of our employees are women.
  • In 2020, the use of recycled or reused water accounted for 21.74% of total water supply for own consumption, 17% on the previous year.
  • In June 2020, Sacyr’s Board of Directors approved the Water Policy, which defines and establishes the principles and criteria that govern the procedures in use and management of water.
  • Sacyr Water. Social fees and procedures for non-payment.
  • We avoided the consumption of 1,029,770m3 of drinking water, prioritising the use of recycled water. 25% water reused over of total consumption.
  • In 2020, domestic energy consumption was 3,772,047.66 GJ, 65% less than in 2019.
  • Sacyr has renewed its greenhouse gas verification under the ISO 14064-1 standard for the Construction area in Spain, as well as for Valoriza Medioambiente’s national waste treatment plant services and operations.
  • Sacyr’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • Renewal of the registration of its Carbon Footprint in the Registry of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Spain.
  • Development of the “ONBOARDING DIGITAL KM 0 - EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION” programme.
  • During 2020, Sacyr's headcount comprised 44,623 workers (in 2019 there were 43,467 people in Sacyr). This represents an increase of 2.7% over the previous year. Of this total workforce, 24,331 are men (22,609 in 2019) and 20,292 are women (20,8558 in 2019)
  • 90.08% of those interviewed for the Onboarding Digital Km 0 Programme are quite satisfied or very satisfied with their recruitment at Sacyr.
  • Workshops and employee training days have been organised, which have involved 328,294 hours of training.
  • Sacyr Innovation Awards
    3rd Edition of Sacyr iChallenges, aimed at solving challenges and needs of the company’s businesses.
  • Number of employees participating in projects: 261
    Number of projects under development: 44.
  • Group companies certified under UNE 166002:2014: 13 Investment in R&D+i:
    +€8 Million
    6.6% of Net Profit invested in innovation.
  • Campaign “You are part of the challenge. Sacyr for the Climate”: 130 employees, 10 countries, 241 proposals.
  • Training in equality and non-discrimination through the Week of People with Disabilities, on the occasion of the International Day of People with Disabilities (Dec. 3).
  • We promote the labor inclusion of people with different abilities, through collaboration with foundations and entities such as Capacis, Inserta, Incorpora, and A LA PAR. We have a presence at specialised employment trade fairs. In 2020, we hired 963 disabled employees.
  • We promote multicultural presence as a source of knowledge and talent. The company employs people of more than 86 nationalities and is present in more than 20 countries.
  • We have implemented specific programmes for each generation, according to their needs:
    - Sacyr Generation Senior.
    - Sacyr Builds Future.
  • SMART Guadalajara: application for the management of street cleaning and solid urban waste collection services in which the citizen plays a leading role.
  • Sacyr Engineering and Infraestructure has obtained the sustainable certification BREEAM in the promotion of Badalona H20 homes.
  • Kompas, the system developed by Dinami-K Ingeniería and implemented by Valoriza Medioambiente in the city of Huelva, enables oversight of city control teams and optimisation of traffic management.
  • Development of the Sigolis app by Valoriza Medioambiente, which enables trucks to collect industrial and urban solid waste (USW) in general, constantly geolocated, further automating the collection process.
  • Environmental and social impact assessment of 2,436 suppliers. 36% of our suppliers are local, promoting the growth of local economies.
  • Integration of the new lines of the Spanish Circular Economy Strategy.
  • Participation in the publication of “34 Green Economy Cases”, as part of the Spanish Green Growth Group (GECV).
  • Sacyr used 9,607,464.92 tonnes of recycled or reused materials in 2020, representing 55.84% of the total materials used.
  • Approval of Sacyr’s new Supply Chain Management Policy.
  • Launch of the “Sacyr for the Climate - You are part of the Challenge” campaign, with the aim of reducing the company’s climate footprint.
  • Launch of the environmental sustainability training programme, with a special focus on climate change.
  • Review and update of Sacyr’s Climate Change Policy. A- rating, through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), for performance in the area of climate change.
  • We obtained the “CALCULO” and “REDUZCO” seal from the Ministry for Ecological Transition for the 7.34% reduction in CO2 in the three-year period 2016-2018.
  • Offsetting of emissions associated with travel by Sacyr executives.
  • The company has just approved the Sacyr 2021-2025 Sustainable Plan, one of whose areas of action is the protection biodiversity, with a specific objective: to set biodiversity conservation objectives in all contracts.
  • Preparation of monitoring reports on the status of species.
  • Carrying out environmental education workshops, aimed at raising awareness and sensitization to preserve fauna and flora.
  • 6,898.36 Km2 of total surface area of areas protected by Operations Centres owned, leased or managed by the Group.

    Protection of more than 1,200 species.
  • In 2020, the most significant effects were the alteration/destruction of habitats, effects on animals and plants, and loss of plant cover. Measures adopted included maintenance of wildlife crossings, reforestation of felled species and the circulation of vehicles at moderate speeds.
  • In 2020, a total of 3.05 hectares of the total area affected by the development of our projects has been restored.
  • Volunteering in Spain
    - Asociación Reforesta: planting of trees and river cleaning.
  • Code of Conduct and its policies, Consulting and Whistleblower hotline and Regulatory Compliance and Crime Prevention Model.
  • Sacyr’s Board of Directors has 13 members at 31 December 2020: one executive director, five proprietary directors, six independent directors and one non-executive director.
  • Total compliance with Good Corporate Governance recommendations is 91.23%, up 20% year-on-year.
  • Certification in Corporate Social Responsibility according to SGE21.
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